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I am not like the other clock repair people..... as a Professional Conservator, I have a Code of Ethics and Guidelines for Practice to which I must adhere:

bulletit is for the good of your clock.
bulletit is good for its preservation.

Conservation activities include examination, documentation, treatment, and preventive care of antique clocks and watches supported by research and education.

In addition to our Conservation services, we provide very high grade specialized repairs and restorations for rare, one-of-a-kind, and highly valued antique clocks. These services are supplied only in accordance with the Code of Ethics. We specialize in American tall clocks (grandfather clocks), banjo clocks, and other shelf and wall clocks that were made before 1900. Additionally, we will undertake conservation treatments on clocks made in other countries before 1900 such as the United Kingdom (England and Scotland), France, Germany, Netherlands, Canada, Japan, and China. Challenge us..... we love the difficult jobs!

We do not work on alarm clocks, Cuckoo clocks (go to John Kurdzionak www.jfkclock.com) , 400 Day or Anniversary Clocks (glass Dome with 3 or 4 rotating balls).  The Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice do not allow Conservators to provide appraisals of your objects: it is a conflict of interest. We do not buy or sell clocks for the same reason!

As a private owner, museum, historic site, or corporation, you are one steward among many who will care for this object: I am one conservator among many who will help you care for your object. Together we will insure that your clock will survive during our tenure and hopefully for many generations to come.

I do not offer "fast turn around" nor "low prices": proper treatment can take time.  Also, the cost for Conservation can be more expensive than repairs and restorations: it is performed with the viewpoint of preservation rather than "just getting it running".

You may choose to entrust me with your clock and you are expecting the very best work to be done: I will not do anything less.  The question you need to ask is: should I conserve my clock or just have it repaired? Click here for a discussion of that very question!

Your valuable clocks and watches are safe with us. We provide a climate controlled environment, protection from UV (ultraviolet) damage, appropriate storage methods, an alarm system approved by Lloyd’s of London, and we are insured by Lloyd’s of London.  Our Fine Art’s Policy provides Coverage for all Horological Objects left in the care of James Moss Clockmakers, Inc. We accept time pieces from anywhere in the United states. You may only deliver your clock in person by making an advance appointment or you may ship your clock to us but only after having contacted us prior to shipping so that we can specify the method of packing and shipping. NO CLOCK WILL BE ACCEPTED IF IT IS NOT SHIPPED ACCORDING TO OUR SPECIFIC INSTRUCTIONS.

You expect your clock to arrive undamaged when it is either shipped to and from our studio. Therefore, based upon our experience of seeing the disastrous results from improper packing procedures, it is imperative that you follow our packing instructions to the letter.

Please read about our services for Private Clients and Institutions such as Museums, Historic Sites, and Corporations.


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